In the weeks up to May 25th we will, one by one, reveal which acts can be seen at the Martinitoorn event. So check back for more info!

Martinitoorn teaser #1: Kasper van Hoek

Kasper van Hoek

Kasper van Hoek is a real veteran of the groninger soundart-scene. So it’s about damn time he performs at Het Rumoer, since this is already our second edition. Kasper performed on many occasions in the city as well as making soundart installations, with electronics and  self-made instruments. He was also involved in the organization of the legendary Audiooffice soundart events, which we’ve never seen, but nevertheless were a huge inspiration for Het Rumoer.

Kasper is also a writer. He just published his second book ‘Geen sinecure’, in which he excels as a keen observer of the world surrounding him. He shows the absurd in small everyday situations that others might pass by without thinking. Some of that observing talent might also show in his sound performance at Martinitoorn, who knows. Kasper knows.

Martinitoorn teaser #2: Fruit From The Forest

Fruit From The Forest had their debut at Het Rumoer last year, and now they are back to perform in the Martinitower, adding the atmosphere and reverb of the tower to their improvisation.

Fruit From the Forest is a collaborative sound project created by Mina (vitamina) and Lucija Gregov. With the sounds of cello and awaken electronic waste, they create a new sound landscape that acts as an antidote on today’s pollution and ecological crisis.  The boundaries between what is natural and artificial get deliberately blurred. Nature and synthetics both inspire each other, creating, breaking and rebuilding connections which are considered to be opposites.